Crown Point Police Department © 2013 || All Rights Reserved Legal Disclaimer Contact Webmaster Records Applying for an Indiana Gun Permit 1.  Apply online 2. Schedule an appointment with L-1 Identity Solutions to submit your fingerprints electronically to the Indiana State Police. You can click the link provided after you submit your application online.                                                                      3. Pay the fingerprint fee and State fee online to L-1 Identity Solutions.                                4. Come to the Crown Point Police Department weekdays from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM to complete the application process.     * Fingerprint location: Packaging Store 25 W. 80th Pl. Merrillville - Click here for a map     * Fingerprint fee is $10.95 and State fee is on the table to the right.       * If you are unable to pay online you may pay your fingerprint fee and State fee with 1 money order payable to L-1 Identity Solutions.  Take the money order with you to the Packaging Store.     * You may apply no more than 180 days (6 months) before your current permit expires.     * Once submitted online you have 30 days to visit Crown Point Police Department to complete the application process.  When you come to the Crown Point Police Department on weekdays from 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM to complete your application (except holidays). Please bring the following:     * Application number from your online application     * Receipt from L-1 Solutions for fingerprints and State fee     * Local fee (cash or money order)     * Your Indiana driver’s license or picture ID with your current address     * Your current permit, if applicable Things to remember: An Indiana handgun license is not recognized by most other states and may not allow you to legally carry a handgun outside the State of Indiana. You should always check with local authorities before transporting a handgun across state lines. If you are ever stopped or approached by the police and you are carrying a handgun, advise the officer and show him/her your license to carry the handgun. Records Pricing Crash Report - $8 Offence Report - $4 Arrest Report - $8 Fingerprints - $8 (per card) Local Background Checks - $7 VIN Inspection - $5 (must live within city limits) Tow Release - $20 (exempt if in crash) Gun Permit Pricing Four Year Hunting & Target: $10 Local + $5 State Four Year Personal Protection: $10 Local + $30 State Lifetime Hunting & Target (No Current License): $50 Local + $25 State Lifetime Hunting & Target (Current License): $40 Local + $20 State Lifetime Personal Protection (No Current License): $50 Local + 75 State Lifetime Personal Protection (Current License): $40 Local + $60 State Retired Law Enforcement Officer: Not provided in law Retired Corrections Officer: Not provided in law Firearms Dealer (Current Dealer’s License): Not provided in law